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Algorithmic Trading using Artificial Intelligence

Develop trade models that utilize Artificial Intelligence

and custom business rules.

120+ Indicators to base your models on.

Mt4 Integration

QuantBot is our test and trade automation software.

Included with FX Quant Studio

Easy back and forward testing of your trading models.

Automate trades to trade multiple models.

Training and Mentoring

Learning to use Forex Quant Studio couldn’t be easier.

We include access to FXQuantU our custom training portal.

Tutorials, Videos and sample Projects are provided  as well as access to our members only Quant Forum where you can ask questions, share ideas and models.

Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning,
Algorithmic Trading

There is a reason these topics are making headlines everyday.   Data Science is is advancing faster than ever but it is a complicated field of study. We have simplified the approach so the trader needs no programming skills encasing the complications behind a intuitive easy to use user interface.

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Algo Trading
No Programming

Algorithm – Does not need to be a “scary” word anymore. With our Forex Quant Studio software creating trading algorithms couldn’t be easier.

Sound Logical Approach

Making high probability trades is key to making profits. Combine data science with business rules to eliminate risky trades and find high probability trades.

FXQunatU - Free Training

Tutorials, videos, white papers and sample projects. Full training at your own pace, learn how Algo Trading and AI can help you make better trading decisions and better profits.


Access to our forum is included with your Forex Quant Studio license. Ask our resident Quants questions, share model ideas and trading strategies.

Forex Quant Studio
Real Facts

Make sound trade decisions based on modern data science approach.

Currency Pairs
Statistical and Candlestick Indicators
Hours of Research and Development

Why Choose Us

Our software team has done what many said was impossible.  Making AI, Machine Learning and Algorithmic Trading accessible to the masses with no programming and little statistical knowledge needed.

Our team is dedicated to finding and helping our customers find the best trading models possible.  We have invested over 5000 hours of research and development to the cause.

Our concept and our site are new but we hope to grow community of like minded traders.

What the World is Saying about AI

We Are Proud to Say, Forex Quant Studio is the first tool that allows traders to leverage modern machine learning without having to program.  Point.. Click.. Model.. Trade..   It’s that Easy!

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We’re always interested in working with new traders if you would like to arrange a conversation with one of our representatives please contact us here and we can arrange a call or skype. We have a strict rule about no pressure sales, Forex Quant Studio requires both a financial and time commitment and is not for everyone, but it may just be right for you.

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